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  • The average private preschool in Colorado has approximately 156 students (2020).
  • The private preschools with the largest student enrollments are listed below (where sufficient data available).
  • The largest private preschool in Colorado is Faith Christian Academy - Elementary School with 1,151 students.

Largest Colorado Private Preschools (2020)

  • School # Students Grades Location
  • Rank: #11. Students: 1,151
    Grades: NS-1212189 W 64th Avenue
    Arvada, CO 80004

  • Rank: #22.
    Faith Christian Academy - High School
    Students: 1,035
    Grades: NS-124890 Carr Street
    Arvada, CO 80002

  • Rank: #33.
    Colorado Academy
    Students: 994
    Grades: PK-123800 S Pierce St
    Denver, CO 80235

  • Rank: #44.
    Cherry Hills Christian
    Students: 889
    Grades: NS-83900 Grace Boulevard
    Littleton, CO 80126

  • Rank: #55.
    Colorado Springs Christian Schools
    Students: 829
    Grades: NS-124855 Mallow Rd
    Colorado Springs, CO 80907

  • Rank: #66.
    International School of Denver
    International School of Denver Photo - At ISDenver, your children will transform from students to global citizens. We are a multicultural, multilingual school, welcoming children ages 3 - 8th grade to our inclusive, globally minded community.
    Special Program Emphasis
    Students: 716
    Grades: PK-87701 E 1st Pl, Unit C
    Denver, CO 80230

  • Rank: #77.
    Child Nursery Centers
    Daycare / Preschool
    Students: 700
    Grades: NS-5104 E Rio Grande Street
    Colorado Springs, CO 80903

  • Rank: #88. Students: 699
    Grades: NS-855 Clermont St
    Denver, CO 80220

  • Rank: #99.
    St Mary's Academy
    St Mary's Academy Photo
    (Roman Catholic)
    Students: 688
    Grades: PK-124545 S University Blvd
    Englewood, CO 80113

  • Rank: #1010.
    St. Mary's Academy
    St. Mary's Academy Photo - St. Mary's Academy High School excels at preparing young women for leadership in a global society. Our goal is to empower our students through the development of analytical skills, confidence, and generosity to make a difference in the world around them.
    (Roman Catholic)
    Students: 674
    Grades: PK-124545 South University Boulevard
    Englewood, CO 80113

  • Rank: #1111.
    St Thomas More Parish School
    (Roman Catholic)
    Students: 621
    Grades: PK-87071 E Otero Avenue
    Englewood, CO 80112

  • Rank: #1212.
    Denver Christian School
    Denver Christian School Photo - Every day is an open house at Denver Christian School.We look forward to providing a personal tour to share what DCS has to offer your students & family.Please join us this summer, starting June 9 on Sundays 2-4 pm and Wednesdays 6-8 pm, to preview our school and learn more about Denver Christian School.
    Students: 555
    Grades: PK-123898 S. Teller St.
    Denver, CO 80235

  • Rank: #1313.
    Ave Maria Catholic School
    Ave Maria Catholic School Photo - Ave Maria Campus including field, school and gym
    (Roman Catholic)
    Students: 515
    Grades: NS-89056 East Parker Rd
    Parker, CO 80138

  • Rank: #1414. Students: 511
    Grades: NS-89650 Jordan Road
    Parker, CO 80134

  • Rank: #15-1615.-16. Students: 509
    Grades: NS-1210455 Dawson Drive
    Lafayette, CO 80026

  • Rank: #15-1615.-16.
    St Mary Littleton
    (Roman Catholic)
    Students: 509
    Grades: PK-86833 S Prince St
    Littleton, CO 80120

  • Rank: #1717.
    Blessed Sacrament Parish School
    Blessed Sacrament Parish School Photo - Annual Race for Education held at City Park
    (Roman Catholic)
    Students: 491
    Grades: PK-81973 Elm Street
    Denver, CO 80220

  • Rank: #1818.
    Holy Family Catholic School
    Holy Family Catholic School Photo - Holy Family School
    (Roman Catholic)
    Students: 466
    Grades: PK-8786 26 1/2 Road
    Grand Junction, CO 81506

  • Rank: #1919.
    All Souls School
    (Roman Catholic)
    Students: 465
    Grades: NS-84951 S Pennsylvania St
    Englewood, CO 80113

  • Rank: #2020.
    Front Range Christian School
    Front Range Christian School Photo - Preschool and Kindergartners have many styles of learning. FRCS gives students space to play in 2 playgrounds, create in the STEM room and Creative Cats art room, rest, and get energy out in the Falcon Fit Room.
    Students: 462
    Grades: PK-126657 W Ottawa Ave Ste A17
    Littleton, CO 80128

  • Rank: #2121.
    St. Vincent De Paul School
    (Roman Catholic)
    Students: 442
    Grades: PK-81164 S Josephine St
    Denver, CO 80210

  • Rank: #2222.
    St. Anne's Episcopal School
    St. Anne's Episcopal School Photo - Campus
    Students: 432
    Grades: PK-82701 S York Street
    Denver, CO 80210

  • Rank: #2323. Students: 430
    Grades: NS-123000 Booth Falls Road
    Vail, CO 81657

  • Rank: #2424.
    Good Shepherd Catholic School
    (Roman Catholic)
    Students: 420
    Grades: PK-8620 Elizabeth St
    Denver, CO 80206

  • Rank: #2525.
    Aspen Academy
    Aspen Academy Photo - PreK students learning about science and nature with a classroom worm bin.
    Students: 418
    Grades: PK-85859 S University Blvd
    Littleton, CO 80121

  • Rank: #2626.
    Nativity Of Our Lord School
    Nativity Of Our Lord School Photo
    (Roman Catholic)
    Students: 412
    Grades: NS-8900 W Midway Blvd
    Broomfield, CO 80020

  • Rank: #2727.
    Dayspring Christian Academy
    Dayspring Christian Academy Photo
    Students: 383
    Grades: PK-123734 W 20th St
    Greeley, CO 80634

  • Rank: #2828.
    Denver Waldorf School
    Denver Waldorf School Photo - The Denver Waldorf School
    Special Program Emphasis
    Students: 380
    Grades: PK-122100 S. Pennsylvania St.
    Denver, CO 80210

  • Rank: #2929. Students: 373
    Grades: PK-69180 Yarrow St
    Broomfield, CO 80021

  • Rank: #30-3230.-32. Students: 362
    Grades: NS-84820 Nautilus Ct N
    Boulder, CO 80301

  • Rank: #30-3230.-32. Students: 362
    Grades: PK-1221 Broadmoor Ave
    Colorado Springs, CO 80906

  • Rank: #30-3230.-32.
    Our Lady Of Loreto School
    (Roman Catholic)
    Students: 362
    Grades: PK-818000 E Arapahoe Rd
    Aurora, CO 80016

  • Rank: #33-3433.-34.
    Denver Jewish Day School
    Denver Jewish Day School Photo - 10th graders in the Negev desert region of Israel on their annual six week Hebrew and Israel immersion experience.
    Special Program Emphasis (Jewish)
    Students: 339
    Grades: NS-122450 S Wabash St
    Denver, CO 80231

  • Rank: #33-3433.-34.
    Zion Lutheran School
    (Lutheran Church Missouri Synod)
    Students: 339
    Grades: PK-81400 Skeel St
    Brighton, CO 80601

  • Rank: #3535.
    Evangelical Christian Academy Secondary
    Evangelical Christian Academy Secondary Photo
    Students: 337
    Grades: PK-124050 Nonchalant Circle S
    Colorado Springs, CO 80917

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