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School Name
Notable School Alumni (Sample)
  • Mike Eruzione - Captain the US Men's Hockey Gold Medal Team
  • Victor Cruz '05 - Super Bowl champion, current wide receiver for Chicago Bears
  • Brigadier General David Brigham '84 - Executive Officer, NATO Allied Land Command at US Army.
  • Steven Brooks '03 - Two-time NCAA D I Lacrosse Champion (Syracuse University), MLL Champion (Chesapeake Bayhawks)
  • Dan Egan '83 - World-famous Extreme Skier and Emmy-nominated Producer/Director, 2017 inductee, American Ski Hall of Fame
  • Carlos Canino '84 - ATF Special Agent In Charge-Miami Field Division
  • David Rohde - New York Times investigative journalist
  • Rufus Porter - painter and founder of Scientific American
  • Spaulding Gray - actor and playwright
  • Marcus Nash - U.S. olympic nordic ski racer
  • James Farrington - US representative from New Hampshire (1828-1831)
  • Ronan Donovan '01 - National Geographic Photographer. Read more at
  • Finnian Donovan '05 - Running Tide Director of Operations. Read more at
  • Troy Murphy '10 - Troy Murphy (born June 13, 1992) is an American freestyle skier. He came in 4th in the Men's Moguls competition in the 2018 Winter Olympics. He's since achieved notoriety on social media for portraying a character named Donny Pelletier, an out-of-control hot dogger with a wicked Maine accent and a penchant for swilling Moxie.
  • Michael Zane ' 66 - Founder Kryptonite Lock Corporation
  • Sean Morey ' 95 - Wide Receiver Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Ed Stebbins ' 81 - Co-Founder/Owner Gritty McDuffs Brewery
  • Richard Brass ' 69 - Retired Senior VP, Oracle and Microsoft. (first electronic thesaurus and first dictionary-based spelling checker software)
  • Kelso Sutton ' 57 - General Manager of Time, Inc.
  • C. Amy Ehrlich (Skelton) ' 83 - Merchandising Manager, Phish (amoung the highest-grossing touring acts of all time)
  • Robert Curtis ' 91 - Photojournalist, Haiti, Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq
  • Irakly Areshidze ' 96 - Political analyst specializing in relations between the U.S. and the Republic of Georgia
  • Ryan E Vachon ' 97 - Forensic Scientist, The Armed Forces DNA Identification Lab
  • John T. Iveson ' 87 - Executive Chef, The Manta Ray Restaurant, Sydney Australia
  • Wes Matheny '02 - Nationally Ranked Triathlete - Head Golf Professional, Golden Bear Golf Club, Hilton Head, SC
  • Alicia McFarren '98 - Cornell Alum, NY Medical College, Pediatric Resident at Children National Medical Center
  • Jessica Most '97 - University of Miami, Miami Law, Trial Lawyer, Deerfield Beach, FL
  • Stuart Jones ’78 - Former United States Ambassador to Iraq
  • Jessica Jackson Sloan ’01 - Human Rights Attorney
  • Jim Irving ’71 - Co-Chief Executive Officer of J.D. Irving, Limited (JDI), a diverse family owned company with operations in Canada and the United States
  • Robert Irving ’73 - Co-Chief Executive Officer of J.D. Irving, Limited (JDI), a diverse family owned company with operations in Canada and the United States
  • Shannon Curry ’98 - Dr. Shannon Curry is a licensed clinical psychologist serving as Director of the Curry Psychology Group, a practice she founded in Newport Beach, CA out of a commitment to bring high-quality psychological services to any and all individuals, couples, and
  • Al McClain ’80 - Youth Mentor & Community Leader; For decades, Al McClain has been recognized throughout greater Boston as a committed advocate for and dedicated mentor of youth from all walks of life. Whether as a coach and director with various Boston youth organization
  • Leon Leonwood Bean - Founder of L.L. Bean, Freeport, Maine
  • Alden J. Blethen - Publisher of The Seattle Daily Times

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