Indiana Famous Private School Alumni

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Famous Private School Alumni (Indiana):

School Name
Notable School Alumni (Sample)
  • Kath Lingenfelter - Television writer and producer (Westworld, Caprica, The Leftovers, House M.D.)
  • Hal Holbrook - Oscar-Nominated Actor
  • Frank Batten - Weather Channel founder
  • George Steinbrenner - New York Yankees owner
  • Bernardo Quintana - Chairman and CEO, ICA Corporation
  • Mitchell Henderson - Head Basketball Coach, Princeton University
  • Molly Engstrom - Two-time Olympian
  • Jon Scieszka - Children's Book Author
  • Dr. Sally Hodder - HIV/AIDS researcher
  • Miles White - Chairman, Former CEO, Abbott Laboratories
  • John Roberts '73 - The Chief Justice of the United States of America
  • Jim Gaffigan '84 - Actor, Comedian
  • Paris Barclay '74 - Television Director and Producer
  • Jaren Jackson Jr. '17 - NBA Player
  • Anna Malaika Tubbs - Author of "The Three Mothers: How the Mothers of Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, and James Baldwin Shaped a Nation"
  • Dr. Samantha Francis - St. Thomas More School Principal
  • Todd Rokita - Indiana Attorney General
  • Zaria Suggs - Hollywood Actress
  • Steven Caraher - Deacon- Gary Diocese in Seminary for Priesthood

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