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Famous Private School Alumni (New Hampshire):

School Name
Notable School Alumni (Sample)
  • Samuel S. Adams - president of the American Geological Institute, geology professor at the Colorado School of Mines, and president of Loon Mountain
  • Franklin S. Billings, Jr. - American politician and judge from Woodstock, Vermont
  • Ben Lovejoy - Professional ice hockey player and first New Hampshire native to win the Stanley Cup
  • Gavin Bayreuther - Professional ice hockey player
  • Mo Bamba - Professional basketball player
  • Taylor Chace - Sledge hockey player who won gold medals in the 2010 Winter Paralympics and the 2014 Winter Paralympics
  • Ernest Everett Just - African American biologist
  • Dana Stone - Vietnam War photographer
  • Chester Bradley Jordan - Governor of New Hampshire
  • Kathryn Woodman Leighton - artist
  • Augustus Washington - African American photographer
  • Andrew Wheating - Olympian
  • F. Lee Bailey - defense attorney
  • Kasim Edebali - NFL football player
  • Steven Sotloff - journalist
  • Richard Aitson - Native American poet
  • Cayla Barnes '17 - Member of the United States Women's Hockey Team and Olympic Gold Medalist at the 2018 Winter Olympics.
  • Dempsey Arsenault '15 - Member of Brave, one of the three teams associated with the Women's Professional Lacrosse League.
  • Ed Cooley '88 - Head coach of Mens basketball at Providence College.
  • Wes Miller '01 - Head coach of Mens basketball at UNC Greensboro.
  • Rich Ryan '83 - Deputy Project Manager for NASA, James Webb Telescope Project.
  • Mark Zuckerberg - Founder and CEO, Facebook
  • Dan Brown - Bestselling Author, The Da Vinci Code
  • Pauline Chiou - Award-winning Anchor and Correspondent, CNN Hong Kong
  • Win Butler - Lead Vocalist and Songwriter of Grammy Award-winning band Arcade Fire
  • John Knowles - Author, A Separate Peace
  • John Irving - Bestselling Author and Academy Award-winning Screenwriter, The World According to Garp, The Cider House Rules
  • Suzy Welch - Bestselling Author, Television Commentator and Noted Business Journalist
  • Pierre S. Du Pont - President, Du Pont; Chair and President, General Motors Corporation
  • Robert Todd Lincoln - Son of President Abraham Lincoln, US Secretary of War
  • Daniel Webster - US Senator from Massachusetts
  • Matt Nathanson - Musician and Performer
  • Travis Warren - Founder and President, Whipple Hill Communications
  • Robert Richardson - Oscar Winning Cinematographer (Platoon, JFK, The Aviator, Kill Bill)
  • Jerome Dyson - Former UCONN current pro basketball player
  • Heather Moore - Jewelry Designer/Marketer
  • Josh Walden - Broadway Actor
  • Bob Beattie - Former US Alpine Ski Team Head Coach and Television Commentator
  • Alan Shepard - Astronaut
  • Cole Williams - Television Actor (Entourage, Scrubs, 8 Simple Rules)
  • Carl Van Loan, Jed Hinkley - US Olympians, US Ski Team Nordic Combined
  • John Kerry - U.S. Senator, Massachusetts
  • Garry Trudeau - Cartoonist, Doonesbury
  • Robert Mueller - Director, FBI
  • Lorene Cary - Author/Speaker
  • Jeff Halpern - NHL All-Star
  • Hobey Baker - Renowned hockey star and World War I war hero
  • Edward Harkness - Philanthropist
  • William Randolph Hearst - Newspaper publisher
  • Nick Stoller - Filmmaker and Producer

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