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  • The average private school tuition in Pennsylvania is approximately $11,429 per year (2020).
  • The private elementary school average is $7,921 per year and the private high school average is $15,944 per year.
  • The private school with the lowest tuition is Grace Academy, with a tuition of $1,350.
  • The private school with the highest tuition in Pennsylvania is Perkiomen School, with a tuition of $64,200.

Pennsylvania Private Schools By Tuition Cost (2020)

  • School Tuition Cost Grades Location
  • Rank: #11.
    Grace Academy
    Grace Academy Photo
    Tuition: $1,350
    Grades: NS-63930 Farm Drive
    York, PA 17402

  • Rank: #22.
    New Hope Christian Academy
    New Hope Christian Academy Photo - NHCA Move Up Day 2018
    Tuition: $1,500
    Grades: PK-12419 W Hortter St
    Philadelphia, PA 19119

  • Rank: #33.
    Waldron Mercy Academy
    Waldron Mercy Academy Photo - Students celebrate their eighth grade graduation.
    (Roman Catholic)
    Tuition: $1,605
    Grades: NS-8513 Montgomery Avenue
    Merion Station, PA 19066

  • Rank: #44.
    Oreland Evangelical Presbyterian Preschool
    Oreland Evangelical Presbyterian Preschool Photo - Children enjoying snack
    Daycare / Preschool (Presbyterian)
    Tuition: $1,830
    Grades: NS-PK1119 Church Road
    Oreland, PA 19075

  • Rank: #55.
    Grace Bible Academy
    Tuition: $1,850
    Grades: PK-12128 Bradenville School Rd
    Bradenville, PA 15620

  • Rank: #6-76.-7.
    St John The Evangelist Catholic School
    St John The Evangelist Catholic School Photo - Our Blessed Mother and her son, Jesus, are at the heart of all instruction and activities at St. John Catholic School.
    (Roman Catholic)
    Tuition: $1,975
    Grades: PK-5116 E Bishop Street
    Bellefonte, PA 16823

  • Rank: #6-76.-7.
    St Patrick School
    (Roman Catholic)
    Tuition: $1,975
    Grades: NS-8731 Patrick Ln
    Newry, PA 16665

  • Rank: #88.
    Tidings Of Peace Christian School
    Tidings Of Peace Christian School Photo - Tidings of Peace Christian School
    Tuition: $1,980
    Grades: K-12329 E Poplar St
    York, PA 17403

  • Rank: #9-109.-10.
    Mount Moriah Christian School
    Tuition: $2,000
    Grades: PK-730 Church St
    Smithfield, PA 15478

  • Rank: #9-109.-10.
    Sister Thea Bowman Catholic Academy
    Sister Thea Bowman Catholic Academy Photo
    (Roman Catholic)
    Tuition: $2,000
    Grades: PK-8721 Rebecca Ave
    Pittsburgh, PA 15221

  • Rank: #1111.
    Our Mother Of Sorrows School
    Our Mother Of Sorrows School Photo
    (Roman Catholic)
    Tuition: $2,300
    Grades: PK-8430 Tioga St
    Johnstown, PA 15905

  • Rank: #1212.
    Open Door Christian School
    Tuition: $2,350
    Grades: PK-12793 Lippencott Road
    Waynesburg, PA 15370

  • Rank: #1313.
    Providence Hybrid Academy
    Alternative School (Christian)
    Tuition: $2,375
    Grades: K-65900 Applebutter Hill Road
    Coopersburg, PA 18036

  • Rank: #1414.
    Bible Baptist Christian Academy
    Bible Baptist Christian Academy Photo
    Tuition: $2,400
    Grades: PK-12232 State Route 217
    Latrobe, PA 15650

  • Rank: #1515.
    St Nicholas-st Mary's School
    (Roman Catholic)
    Tuition: $2,425
    Grades: PK-8242 S Washington St
    Wilkes Barre, PA 18701

  • Rank: #1616.
    Chestnut Ridge Christian Academy
    Tuition: $2,500
    Grades: PK-12115 Downer Avenue
    Uniontown, PA 15401

  • Rank: #1717.
    North Rome Christian School
    North Rome Christian School Photo - N. Rome Christian School
    Tuition: $2,550
    Grades: K-123376 N. Rome Rd Rome
    Rome, PA 18837

  • Rank: #1818.
    Our Ladys Christian School
    Our Ladys Christian School Photo - Students particpate in daily prayer and religion classes; school and class liturgies, spiritual retreats, sacrament preparation and character education. Older students perform community service and serve as “guardian angels” to second and third graders preparing for First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion.
    (Roman Catholic)
    Tuition: $2,650
    Grades: NS-8606 Lowell Ave
    Erie, PA 16505

  • Rank: #1919.
    Bible Baptist Christian Academy
    Bible Baptist Christian Academy Photo
    Tuition: $2,700
    Grades: PK-124190 N Susquehanna Trl
    York, PA 17404

  • Rank: #20-2120.-21. Tuition: $2,750
    Grades: PK-12101 N Beech Street
    Burnham, PA 17009

  • Rank: #20-2120.-21.
    St Theresa School
    (Roman Catholic)
    Tuition: $2,750
    Grades: PK-8300 Leonard Street
    Hellertown, PA 18055

  • Rank: #2222.
    St. Elizabeth Regional School
    St. Elizabeth Regional School Photo
    (Roman Catholic)
    Tuition: $2,775
    Grades: K-8433 Pershing Blvd
    Whitehall, PA 18052

  • Rank: #23-2623.-26.
    Calvary Baptist Academy
    Tuition: $2,800
    Grades: PK-1211394 Route 286 Hwy E
    Clymer, PA 15728

  • Rank: #23-2623.-26.
    First Baptist Christian School
    Tuition: $2,800
    Grades: PK-12221 New Castle St
    Butler, PA 16001

  • Rank: #23-2623.-26.
    Lighthouse Christian Academy
    Lighthouse Christian Academy Photo - We are blessed to have a great group of students who interact with each other well. We have opportunities throughout the year to develop archery skills, compete with the basketball team, or learn public speaking among other things.
    Tuition: $2,800
    Grades: K-125 E Penn St
    Lyon Station, PA 19536

  • Rank: #23-2623.-26.
    Our Lady Of Calvary School
    (Roman Catholic)
    Tuition: $2,800
    Grades: PK-811023 Kipling Ln
    Philadelphia, PA 19154

  • Rank: #27-2927.-29.
    Our Mother Of Sorrows/st Ignatius Schools
    Our Mother Of Sorrows/st Ignatius Schools Photo
    (Roman Catholic)
    Tuition: $2,850
    Grades: PK-81008 North 48th Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19131

  • Rank: #27-2927.-29.
    St Agnes School
    (Roman Catholic)
    Tuition: $2,850
    Grades: NS-8653 Saint Agnes Ln
    West Mifflin, PA 15122

  • Rank: #27-2927.-29.
    St. John The Evangelist School
    (Roman Catholic)
    Tuition: $2,850
    Grades: NS-8728 Big Oak Road
    Morrisville, PA 19067

  • Rank: #3030.
    St Raymond Of Penafort School
    (Roman Catholic)
    Tuition: $2,893
    Grades: PK-87940 Williams Ave
    Philadelphia, PA 19150

  • Rank: #31-3331.-33.
    Blue Mountain Sda Elementary School
    Blue Mountain Sda Elementary School Photo - Friendships
    (Seventh Day Adventist)
    Tuition: $2,950
    Grades: PK-845 Woodland Terrace
    Hamburg, PA 19526

  • Rank: #31-3331.-33.
    Our Lady Of The Angels School
    (Roman Catholic)
    Tuition: $2,950
    Grades: PK-8404 Cherry St
    Columbia, PA 17512

  • Rank: #31-3331.-33.
    St Gregory Parish School
    (Roman Catholic)
    Tuition: $2,950
    Grades: PK-8140 W Main St
    North East, PA 16428

  • Rank: #3434.
    St. John Vianney Regional School
    (Roman Catholic)
    Tuition: $2,952
    Grades: NS-8210 North 18th Street
    Allentown, PA 18104

  • Rank: #3535.
    St Francis Academy
    (Roman Catholic)
    Tuition: $2,955
    Grades: PK-8668 Pine St
    Bally, PA 19503

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