Average Private School endowment in Virginia

The average private school endowment in Virginia is $10M (2024).
The private school in Virginia with the highest endowment is Woodberry Forest School, with a endowment of $450M.
Endowment Range: $1M $450M Avg. Endowment: $51.5M

Average Private School endowment in Virginia (2024)

Rank: #11.
Woodberry Forest School
Woodberry Forest School Photo
Endowment: $450 M
Grades: 9-12
898 Woodberry Forest Rd
Woodberry Forest, VA 22989
(540) 672-3900
Rank: #22.
Episcopal High School
Episcopal High School Photo - Washington Program
Endowment: $300 M
Grades: 9-12
1200 North Quaker Lane
Alexandria, VA 22302
(703) 933-4062
Rank: #33.
Foxcroft School
Foxcroft School Photo - Cherry Blossoms in bloom
Endowment: $83 M
Grades: 9-12
22407 Foxhound Lane
Middleburg, VA 20117
(540) 687-4340
Rank: #44.
Collegiate School
Collegiate School Photo
Endowment: $82 M
Grades: PK-12
103 N Mooreland Road
Henrico, VA 23229
(804) 740-7077
Rank: #55.
Norfolk Academy
Norfolk Academy Photo - Norfolk Academy's Wynne-Darden stadium features a turf field for football and lacrosse. The school has more than 70 athletic teams, and the majority of students participate in at least one season of athletics. Facilities include multiple playing fields, several gymnasiums, a weight room, and an indoor pool.
Endowment: $77 M
Grades: 1-12
1585 Wesleyan Dr
Norfolk, VA 23502
(757) 455-5582
Rank: #66.
Chatham Hall
Chatham Hall Photo - Chatham Hall's campus was built to promote community and collaboration.
All-girls (Episcopal)
Endowment: $67 M
Grades: 9-12
800 Chatham Hall Circle
Chatham, VA 24531
(434) 432-5516
Rank: #77.
St. Christopher's School
All-boys (Episcopal)
Endowment: $64 M
Grades: PK-12
711 Saint Christophers Road
Richmond, VA 23226
(804) 282-3185
Rank: #88.
Virginia Episcopal School
Virginia Episcopal School Photo - Jett Hall is our main building on the VES campus. This original building, constructed in 1916, is where we welcome guests to campus. It houses our administration, Admissions, Development, Marketing and Business offices, holds classrooms and our Day Student Lounge.
Endowment: $44 M
Grades: 9-12
400 VES Road
Lynchburg, VA 24503
(434) 385-3600
Rank: #99.
Cape Henry Collegiate
Cape Henry Collegiate Photo
Endowment: $23 M
Grades: PK-12
1320 Mill Dam Rd
Virginia Beach, VA 23454
(757) 481-2446
Rank: #10 - 1110. - 11.
Fork Union Military Academy
Fork Union Military Academy Photo - Graduation Day is a happy day!
All-boys (Baptist)
Endowment: $18 M
Grades: 7-12
4744 James Madison Hwy
Fork Union, VA 23055
(434) 842-4205
Rank: #10 - 1110. - 11.
The Hill School
The Hill School Photo - The Hill School
Endowment: $18 M
Grades: PK-8
130 South Madison St
Middleburg, VA 20117
(540) 687-5897
Rank: #1212.
Endowment: $14 M
Grades: 8-12
1000 Samuel Miller Loop
Charlottesville, VA 22903
(434) 823-4805
Rank: #1313.
The Langley School
The Langley School Photo
Endowment: $10 M
Grades: NS-8
1411 Balls Hill Road
Mc Lean, VA 22101
(703) 356-1920
Rank: #14 - 1514. - 15.
Christchurch School
Christchurch School Photo - Christchurch is recognized for rigorous academics and a well-rounded college prep program. 100% of Christchurch students are accepted to four-year colleges, with the majority attending universities on the U.S. News & World Report's top 150 list.
Special Program Emphasis (Episcopal)
Endowment: $6 M
Grades: 9-12
49 Seahorse Lane
Christchurch, VA 23031
(804) 542-6843
Rank: #14 - 1514. - 15.
Trinity Episcopal School
Trinity Episcopal School Photo - Trinity Episcopal School Campus
Endowment: $6 M
Grades: 8-12
3850 Pittaway Dr
Richmond, VA 23235
(804) 272-5864
Rank: #1616.
Saint Patrick Catholic School
Saint Patrick Catholic School Photo
Endowment: $5 M
Grades: PK-8
1000 Bolling Avenue
Norfolk, VA 23508
(757) 213-0842
Rank: #1717.
Eastern Mennonite School
Eastern Mennonite School Photo
Endowment: $4 M
Grades: K-12
801 Parkwood Drive
Harrisonburg, VA 22802
(540) 236-6000
Rank: #1818.
Endowment: $4.2 M
Grades: PK-12
3373 Pruden Blvd
Suffolk, VA 23434
(757) 539-8789
Rank: #1919.
Powhatan School
Powhatan School Photo
Endowment: $4 M
Grades: PK-8
49 Powhatan Lane
Boyce, VA 22620
(540) 837-1009
Rank: #2020.
Middleburg Academy, Inc.
Middleburg Academy, Inc. Photo - Student leadership positions help students to take ownership of their education.
Special Program Emphasis
Endowment: $3 M
Grades: 8-12
35321 Notre Dame Lane
Middleburg, VA 20117
(540) 687-5581
Rank: #21 - 2521. - 25.
Endowment: $1 M
Grades: NS-8
2400 Russell Rd
Alexandria, VA 22301
(703) 548-4804
Rank: #21 - 2521. - 25.
Chesapeake Bay Academy
Chesapeake Bay Academy Photo - Empowering children who learn differently for over 30 years.
Special Education School
Endowment: $1 M
Grades: 1-12
821 Baker Rd
Virginia Beach, VA 23462
(757) 497-6200
Rank: #21 - 2521. - 25.
St. Benedict Catholic School
St. Benedict Catholic School Photo - St. Benedict Catholic School on the corner of Grove and Belmont, is located in the historic Museum District of Richmond, Virginia.
Endowment: $1 M
Grades: PK-8
3100 Grove Avenue
Richmond, VA 23221
(804) 254-8850
Rank: #21 - 2521. - 25.
St. Gregory The Great School
St. Gregory The Great School Photo - Happy Students!
Endowment: $1 M
Grades: PK-8
5343 Virginia Beach Blvd
Virginia Beach, VA 23462
(757) 497-1811
Rank: #21 - 2521. - 25.
Wakefield School
Wakefield School Photo - Wakefield School is situated on 68 acres in the beautiful rolling hills of Virginia Piedmont horse country. The famous drive up our hill becomes one of the most fond memories for our Wakefield families. In addition to the stunning mountain views and breathtaking sunrises, our students benefit from the expansive outdoor classroom that this natural setting provides.
Endowment: $1 M
Grades: PK-12
4439 Old Tavern Road
The Plains, VA 20198
(540) 253-7544

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Virginia average private schools endowment?
The Virginia average private schools endowment is $10M for 2024.
What are the private schools with the highest endowment in Virginia?
The top ranked private schools in Virginia include Woodberry Forest School, Episcopal High School and Foxcroft School.
What is private high school and private elementary school with the highest endowment in Virginia?
The private high school with the highest endowment in Virginia is Woodberry Forest School, with a value of $450.0M. The private elementary school with the highest endowment is Collegiate School, with a value of $82.4M.

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