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  • The average private school in Minnesota has approximately 170 students (2020).
  • The largest private school in Minnesota is Excel High School with 4,200 students.
  • The private schools with the largest student enrollments are listed below (where sufficient data available).

Largest Minnesota Private Schools (2020)

  • School # Students Grades Location
  • Rank: #11.
    Excel High School
    Excel High School Photo
    Students: 4,200
    Grades: 6-123350 Annapolis Ln N Ste C
    Minneapolis, MN 55447

  • Rank: #2-42.-4.
    The Blake School
    The Blake School Photo - Educators at the Middle School, located on Blake's Hopkins campus, help some 340 students continue to thrive as they enter adolescence.
    Students: 1,366
    Grades: PK-12110 Blake Road S
    Hopkins, MN 55343

  • Rank: #2-42.-4.
    The Blake School
    The Blake School Photo - Students in grades PK-5 attend school at Blake's Highcroft campus in Wayzata.
    Students: 1,366
    Grades: PK-12301 Peavey Lane
    Wayzata, MN 55391

  • Rank: #2-42.-4. Students: 1,366
    Grades: PK-12511 Kenwood Parkway
    Minneapolis, MN 55403

  • Rank: #55.
    Cretin Derham Hall
    (Roman Catholic)
    Students: 1,220
    Grades: 9-12550 Albert St S
    Saint Paul, MN 55116

  • Rank: #66.
    Benilde-St Margaret's School
    (Roman Catholic)
    Students: 1,165
    Grades: 7-122501 Highway 100 S
    Minneapolis, MN 55416

  • Rank: #77.
    Breck School
    Students: 1,164
    Grades: PK-12123 Ottawa Ave N
    Minneapolis, MN 55422

  • Rank: #88. Students: 917
    Grades: K-121150 Goodrich Avenue
    Saint Paul, MN 55105

  • Rank: #99. Students: 911
    Grades: K-121712 Randolph Ave
    Saint Paul, MN 55105

  • Rank: #1010.
    Minnehaha Academy
    Minnehaha Academy Photo - Students have the unique opportunity to design, build and send an experiment to the International Space Station. Minnehaha Academy is the only school in the Midwest with this program.
    Students: 895
    Grades: NS-124200 West River Parkway
    Minneapolis, MN 55406

  • Rank: #1111.
    New Life Academy
    New Life Academy Photo
    Students: 853
    Grades: PK-126758 Bailey Road
    Saint Paul, MN 55129

  • Rank: #1212.
    Providence Academy
    Providence Academy Photo
    (Roman Catholic)
    Students: 811
    Grades: PK-1215100 Schmidt Lake Road
    Minneapolis, MN 55446

  • Rank: #1313.
    Hill Murray School
    Hill Murray School Photo - Hill-Murray campus
    (Roman Catholic)
    Students: 800
    Grades: 6-122625 Larpenteur Ave E
    Saint Paul, MN 55109

  • Rank: #1414.
    Nativity Of Our Lord School
    (Roman Catholic)
    Students: 792
    Grades: PK-81900 Stanford Ave
    Saint Paul, MN 55105

  • Rank: #1515.
    Saint Agnes School
    Saint Agnes School Photo - Rooted in the Catholic intellectual tradition and the sacramental life, our school seeks to instill in students a desire to know, love and serve God in this life and the next.
    (Roman Catholic)
    Students: 764
    Grades: NS-12530 Lafond Ave
    Saint Paul, MN 55103

  • Rank: #1616.
    St Agnes School
    (Roman Catholic)
    Students: 720
    Grades: K-12530 Lafond Ave
    Saint Paul, MN 55103

  • Rank: #1717.
    Totino-grace High School
    (Roman Catholic)
    Students: 719
    Grades: 9-121350 Gardena Ave Ne
    Minneapolis, MN 55432

  • Rank: #1818.
    DeLaSalle High School
    DeLaSalle High School Photo - ACADEMICS: The Global Advantage Program offers students the opportunity to earn college credit through rigorous international travel courses, such as Biology study in the Costa Rican Rain Forest.
    (Roman Catholic)
    Students: 715
    Grades: 9-12One DeLaSalle Drive
    Minneapolis, MN 55401

  • Rank: #1919.
    Academy Of Holy Angels
    Academy Of Holy Angels Photo
    (Roman Catholic)
    Students: 675
    Grades: 9-126600 Nicollet Ave S
    Minneapolis, MN 55423

  • Rank: #2020.
    Our Lady Of Grace School
    Our Lady Of Grace School Photo
    (Roman Catholic)
    Students: 666
    Grades: NS-85071 Eden Ave
    Minneapolis, MN 55436

  • Rank: #2121.
    St Odilia School
    St Odilia School Photo - We have an outdoor classroom on our school campus! Teachers can reserve the space to offer a unique, and engaging space for learning.
    (Roman Catholic)
    Students: 664
    Grades: PK-83495 Victoria St N
    Saint Paul, MN 55126

  • Rank: #2222.
    St Hubert Elementary School
    (Roman Catholic)
    Students: 637
    Grades: PK-88201 Main Street
    Chanhassen, MN 55317

  • Rank: #2323.
    Shakopee Area Catholic School
    Shakopee Area Catholic School Photo
    (Roman Catholic)
    Students: 635
    Grades: PK-82700 17th Ave E
    Shakopee, MN 55379

  • Rank: #2424.
    Maranatha Christian Academy
    Maranatha Christian Academy Photo
    Students: 630
    Grades: PK-129201 75th Ave N
    Minneapolis, MN 55428

  • Rank: #2525.
    Cathedral High School 7-12
    Cathedral High School 7-12 Photo
    (Roman Catholic)
    Students: 617
    Grades: 7-12312 N 7th Ave
    Saint Cloud, MN 56303

  • Rank: #2626.
    Saint Thomas Academy
    Saint Thomas Academy Photo
    All-boys (Roman Catholic)
    Students: 594
    Grades: 6-12949 Mendota Heights Road
    Saint Paul, MN 55120

  • Rank: #2727.
    Sts. Peter, Paul & Michael School
    (Roman Catholic)
    Students: 591
    Grades: NS-81215 11 Ave N
    Saint Cloud, MN 56303

  • Rank: #2828.
    St Ambrose Of Woodbury Catholic School
    (Roman Catholic)
    Students: 563
    Grades: PK-84125 Woodbury Dr
    Saint Paul, MN 55129

  • Rank: #2929.
    Visitation School
    Visitation School Photo - Middle School students escort Lower Schoolers to the school opening flag raising in September.
    (Roman Catholic)
    Students: 555
    Grades: PK-122455 Visitation Drive
    Saint Paul, MN 55120

  • Rank: #3030.
    Faithful Shepherd Catholic School
    Faithful Shepherd Catholic School Photo - Grounded in our Catholic faith, we enrich each student's journey from Pre-K to 8th grade by nurturing meaningful growth in academic achievement and service to Christ in the world.
    (Roman Catholic)
    Students: 530
    Grades: PK-83355 Columbia Dr
    Saint Paul, MN 55121

  • Rank: #3131.
    St. Croix Lutheran Academy
    St. Croix Lutheran Academy Photo - 500 total students attend SCL including American students and 120 students from over 15 different countries.
    (African Methodist Episcopal)
    Students: 500
    Grades: 6-121200 Oakdale Ave
    Saint Paul, MN 55118

  • Rank: #3232.
    St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School
    St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School Photo
    (Roman Catholic)
    Students: 498
    Grades: PK-89050 93 Ave N
    Minneapolis, MN 55445

  • Rank: #3333. Students: 487
    Grades: PK-122051 Larpenteur Avenue E
    Saint Paul, MN 55109

  • Rank: #3434.
    Hope Academy
    Students: 467
    Grades: K-122300 Chicago Ave S
    Minneapolis, MN 55404

  • Rank: #3535.
    Legacy Christian Academy
    Legacy Christian Academy Photo - Legacy Lions Baseball | 2017 State Class A 2nd Place
    Students: 466
    Grades: NS-123037 Bunker Lake Blvd NW
    Andover, MN 55304

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