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  • The average private school in New York was founded around 1959 (2020).
  • The oldest private schools are listed below (where sufficient data available).
  • The oldest private school in New York is Alexander Robertson School, founded in 1789.

Oldest Private Schools in New York (2020)

  • School Founding Date Grades Location
  • Rank: #11.
    Alexander Robertson School
    Alexander Robertson School Photo
    Founding Date: 1789
    Grades: PK-53 West 95th Street
    New York, NY 10025

  • Rank: #22.
    Oakwood Friends School
    Oakwood Friends School Photo - Oakwood's Graduation Tree
    Founding Date: 1796
    Grades: 6-1222 Spackenkill Road
    Poughkeepsie, NY 12603

  • Rank: #33.
    The Albany Academies
    Founding Date: 1813
    Grades: PK-12135-140 Academy Road
    Albany, NY 12208

  • Rank: #44.
    Emma Willard School
    Emma Willard School Photo
    Founding Date: 1814
    Grades: 9-12285 Pawling Avenue
    Troy, NY 12180

  • Rank: #55.
    New York Institute For Special Education
    Special Education School
    Founding Date: 1831
    Grades: PK-12999 Pelham Pkwy N
    Bronx, NY 10469

  • Rank: #66.
    Transfiguration School
    Transfiguration School Photo - Ballet Recital: students perform a French story called, 'Amelie'.
    (Roman Catholic)
    Founding Date: 1832
    Grades: NS-829 Mott Street
    New York, NY 10013

  • Rank: #77.
    Fordham Preparatory School
    Fordham Preparatory School Photo
    All-boys (Roman Catholic)
    Founding Date: 1841
    Grades: 9-12441 E. Fordham Road
    Bronx, NY 10458

  • Rank: #88. Founding Date: 1845
    Grades: PK-12170 Joralemon St
    Brooklyn, NY 11201

  • Rank: #99.
    St. John Lutheran School
    St. John Lutheran School Photo - Our students work in chapel families to encourage our family atmosphere and to learn about Jesus from one another.
    (Lutheran Church Missouri Synod)
    Founding Date: 1846
    Grades: PK-86950 Ward Road
    North Tonawanda, NY 14120

  • Rank: #1010.
    Xavier High School
    Xavier High School Photo - Some new Sons of Xavier from the Class of 2016 after graduating from St. Patrick's Cathedral.
    All-boys (Roman Catholic)
    Founding Date: 1847
    Grades: 9-1230 W 16th St
    New York, NY 10011

  • Rank: #1111.
    La Salle Academy
    All-boys (Roman Catholic)
    Founding Date: 1848
    Grades: 9-12215 East 6th Street
    New York, NY 10003

  • Rank: #1212.
    St Mary School
    (Roman Catholic)
    Founding Date: 1849
    Grades: PK-816 Gibson Street
    Canandaigua, NY 14424

  • Rank: #13-1413.-14.
    Buffalo Seminary
    Buffalo Seminary Photo - Founded in 1851, and in this building since 1909, Buffalo Seminary is on the National Register of Historic Places. Our campus includes 5 faculty and student residences in adjacent restored historic homes, and Larkin Field, a 5-minute walk away on a leafy parkway.
    Founding Date: 1851
    Grades: 9-12205 Bidwell Parkway
    Buffalo, NY 14222

  • Rank: #13-1413.-14.
    Trinity Lutheran School
    (Lutheran Church Missouri Synod)
    Founding Date: 1851
    Grades: NS-8146 Reserve Rd
    Buffalo, NY 14224

  • Rank: #1515. Founding Date: 1852
    Grades: NS-12199 Washington Avenue
    Rensselaer, NY 12144

  • Rank: #1616. Founding Date: 1854
    Grades: NS-129216 Seventh Ave
    Brooklyn, NY 11228

  • Rank: #17-1817.-18.
    Academy Of Mt St Ursula
    All-girls (Roman Catholic)
    Founding Date: 1855
    Grades: 9-12330 Bedford Park Blvd
    Bronx, NY 10458

  • Rank: #17-1817.-18.
    Visitation Academy
    All-girls (Roman Catholic)
    Founding Date: 1855
    Grades: NS-88902 Ridge Blvd
    Brooklyn, NY 11209

  • Rank: #1919.
    St. Brigid School
    St. Brigid School Photo - St. Brigid School offers a unique handbell ringing program. Students grades 3-8 receive in-class handbell instruction. Students who are excelling in handbell ringing can try out to be a member of the after-school ringers. St. Brigid Ringers travel to out-of-state handbell festivals to perform.
    (Roman Catholic)
    Founding Date: 1856
    Grades: NS-8185 E 7th Street
    New York, NY 10009

  • Rank: #2020.
    St. Francis Preparatory School
    St. Francis Preparatory School Photo
    (Roman Catholic)
    Founding Date: 1858
    Grades: 9-126100 Francis Lewis Blvd
    Fresh Meadows, NY 11365

  • Rank: #2121.
    St Margaret School
    (Roman Catholic)
    Founding Date: 1860
    Grades: PK-86610 80th Street
    Middle Village, NY 11379

  • Rank: #2222.
    Holy Angels Academy
    Holy Angels Academy Photo - Donations by the seniors
    All-girls (Roman Catholic)
    Founding Date: 1861
    Grades: 9-1224 Shoshone St
    Buffalo, NY 14214

  • Rank: #2323.
    Saratoga Central Catholic High School
    Saratoga Central Catholic High School Photo
    (Roman Catholic)
    Founding Date: 1862
    Grades: 6-12247 Broadway
    Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

  • Rank: #2424. Founding Date: 1863
    Grades: NS-128515 Ridge Boulevard
    Brooklyn, NY 11209

  • Rank: #2525.
    Brooklyn Friends School
    Founding Date: 1867
    Grades: PK-12375 Pearl St
    Brooklyn, NY 11201

  • Rank: #26-2726.-27. Founding Date: 1869
    Grades: PK-125300 Jamesville Rd
    Syracuse, NY 13214

  • Rank: #26-2726.-27.
    Rye Country Day School
    Rye Country Day School Photo
    Founding Date: 1869
    Grades: PK-12Cedar St
    Rye, NY 10580

  • Rank: #2828.
    Nazareth Elementary School
    Nazareth Elementary School Photo - Faith, Love & Learning Thrive at Nazareth Elementary! This photo of our entire student body and dedicated staff was taken during our celebration of Catholic Schools Week.
    (Roman Catholic)
    Founding Date: 1871
    Grades: PK-6311 Flower City Park
    Rochester, NY 14615

  • Rank: #2929.
    Dwight School
    Dwight School Photo - Located steps away from Central Park on Manhattan's Upper West Side, Dwight has been igniting the spark of genius in every child since 1872.
    Founding Date: 1872
    Grades: PK-12291 Central Park West
    New York, NY 10024

  • Rank: #3030.
    Friends Academy
    Friends Academy Photo - Friends Academy is located on an inviting 65-acre campus in the heart of Long Island's North Shore.
    Alternative School (Friends)
    Founding Date: 1876
    Grades: NS-12270 Duck Pond Road
    Locust Valley, NY 11560

  • Rank: #31-3331.-33.
    Buffalo Academy Of The Sacred Heart
    All-girls (Roman Catholic)
    Founding Date: 1877
    Grades: 9-123860 Main Street
    Buffalo, NY 14226

  • Rank: #31-3331.-33.
    The Masters School
    The Masters School Photo - The Masters School, located on a sprawling, 96-acre campus near the Hudson river, was founded in 1877.
    Founding Date: 1877
    Grades: 5-1249 Clinton Avenue
    Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522

  • Rank: #31-3331.-33.
    St. Joseph School
    St. Joseph School Photo - All students in grades 5-8 learn to play an instrument in the award-winning St. Joseph School Band.
    (Roman Catholic)
    Founding Date: 1877
    Grades: NS-81946 Bathgate Ave
    Bronx, NY 10457

  • Rank: #3434. Founding Date: 1878
    Grades: PK-533 Central Park West
    New York, NY 10023

  • Rank: #3535.
    Immaculate Heart Central School
    Immaculate Heart Central School Photo - IHC Primary School students reunite on the first day of school. The Primary School includes grades K-3, as well as the St. John Bosco Pre-School program, which offers programs for 3 and 4 year olds, as well as the area's first Junior Kindergarten for young 5-year olds and mature 4-year olds.
    (Roman Catholic)
    Founding Date: 1881
    Grades: PK-121316 Ives Street
    Watertown, NY 13601

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