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School Name
Notable School Alumni (Sample)
  • Abigail Ruston '02 - US Olympian
  • Anthony Alabi '99 - NFL
  • Samuel Moeller '11 - Texas A&M Football
  • Jonathan Holmes '11 - University of Texas Basketball
  • AJ Minter '12 - Pitcher for Atlanta Braves, World Series Champion
  • Sang Joon Lee '06 - South Korean CEO
  • Taylor Jones '08 - NY Times and People Magazine Featured Attorney at Crawford Wishnew Lang
  • JB Moss '11 - Pitcher for Colorado Rockies
  • Hannah Shaw '14 - Valedictorian and Student at UC Berkeley
  • Aaron Swink - Charter student, Graduated Law at Dedman School of Law, Sounthern Methodist University
  • Aaron Clements - Graduate Honor student, Texas Tech University graduated
  • Roger Blissette - Full Sail
  • Mason Lieberman - Composer and Forbes 30 under 30
  • Ke'Bryan Hayes '15 - MLB 3B
  • Shane Baz '18 - MLB RHP
  • Glenn Otto '14 - MLB RHP
  • Adam Oller '13 - MLB RHP
  • Jason Lawless '91 - New York City chef and contributor to the best selling cookbook, Zero Belly Fat Cookbook.
  • Gabriella Rincon - President List SFA University, Cosmetology license, Honor Student, APO active, On-stage Actress, Working on CFP.
  • Benjamin Lauricella - Graduated with High Ranking Honors from the ROTC
  • Valessia Greene - Graduated from University of North Texas, fashionista
  • Goldyn Jade Hall - Entrepreneur Goldyn-Applle Inspirational Interactive Clothing Line, ApplleHead Active Clothing Line, Youth Motivational Speaker, Junior Oympian in 800m run and 40th in the nation for Triple Jump
  • Caleb A. Martin - FFA steer and swine, champion swimmer, basketball player, song writer, mentor to youth
  • Taeleb Hall - Music Engineer, Singer-Song Writer
  • Michael Watkins '78 - Former director of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, professor at Caltech
  • Carmen Tafolla ‘70 - Author, Poet Laureate of Texas, Poet Laureate of San Antonio
  • Sendhil Ramamurthy ‘91 - Actor
  • Nancy Zhou ‘11 - Concert violinist, winner of the Shanghai Isaac Stern Violin Competition
  • Jay Fielden ‘88 - Former editor of Esquire and Town and Country magazines
  • Ariel Escobedo - Class of 2022 Student will be joining United States Airforce.
  • Jessica Pierre - Class of 2016 Student will be joining HCC
  • Javier Rayo - Class of 2013 Student joined Tulsa Welding School.
  • Grace Zavala - Class of 2022 Student will be pursuing her career at Elite Art of Phlebotomy
  • Mycah Hatfield - ABC News Reporter
  • Ewin Tang - (Class of 2014) is a computer scientist at the University of Washington. She was named as one of 2019 Science Forbes 30 Under 30 for her work developing algorithms for classical computers to perform calculations that were previously deemed only possible with quantum computers, research that began under the supervision of Scott Aaronson at the University of Texas when Tang was only a teenager.
  • Dayton Hunn - (Class of 2011) is a doctor in residency at Tulane Medical Center. Published doctor with degrees in chemical engineering, microbiology, and immunology.
  • Mercedes Gagliardi - (Class of 2012) Master's in Social Work; works for Downtown Emergency Services Cntr in Seattle with homeless to respond to mental health and substance use crises in King County
  • Kayla Jacobs - (Class of 2013) Engineer at Lockwood, Andrews, & Newnam
  • Timothy Clifford - (Class of 2014) SMU Perkins School of Theology; Masters of Divinity degree, Summa Cum Laude 2021
  • Kellie Hunn - (class of 2014) Tulane University’s Masters of Public Health Program in Disaster Management; works for State of Colorado in emergency management
  • Emily Inglis - (Class of 2014) Masters of Forestry at Southern Illinois University
  • Robert Molinar - (class of 2018) BA in psychology with minor in business from Rice; Behaviorist with Autistic kids
  • Nicole Dyer - (class of 2017) 1st female on TAMU Sounding Rocketry Team; Lockheed Martin Engineer
  • Katelyn Anton - (class of 2019) Taught French at Montipiller, France; did play-based education in refugee camps in Calais, France
  • Bishop David Konderla - Bishop Konderla was appointed the fourth Bishop of Tulsa on May 13, 2016 by Pope Francis. He was ordained and installed as Bishop of the Diocese of Tulsa on June 29, 2016.
  • Bishop Michael J. Sis - Bishop Sis was appointed the sixth Bishop of San Angelo in June 2010 by Bishop Joe S. Vasquez. He was ordained and installed as Bishop of San Angelo on December 12, 2013.
  • Justin Anderson - Major League Baseball player
  • Gary Kubiak - NFL quarterback and head coach
  • Gary Majewski - Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Jackson Hurst - Actor
  • Norman F. Carnahan - American Chemical engineer and scientist
  • Tony Braunagel - Musician
  • Kohl Stewart - Major League Baseball player
  • David Pierce - Head baseball coach at the University of Texas
  • Chris Harrington - NFL linebacker
  • Josh Bell - Pro Baseball Player
  • Jarrett Allen - In 2017 Jarrett was recruited by the Brooklyn Nets in the National Basketball Association after his freshman year at the University of Texas at Austin. He currently plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers.
  • Simi Olabisi - As an undergraduate at Santa Clara University studying bioengineering, Simi created solar neonatal incubators to save the lives of babies born in locales with no or limited electricity as was the case at her own birth in Nigeria.
  • Ross Ohlendorf - Ross is an former professional baseball pitcher. After graduating from Princeton University, he played in Major League Baseball for the New York Yankees, Pittsburgh Pirates, San Diego Padres, Washington Nationals, Texas Rangers and Cincinnati Reds.
  • General Charles C. Campbell - General Campbell became the 17th Commanding General of the US Army Forces Command (FORSCOM) in 2007. When he retired in 2010 he was the last continuously-serving general officer who saw action in Vietnam to leave active duty.
  • US Congressman Dr. Michael Burgess - U.S. Congressman Dr. Michael C. Burgess serves the 26th Congressional District in Texas.
  • Norah Jones - Singer/Songwriter/Pianist Norah Jones attended Selwyn in her youth.
  • William 'Bill' Barlow - Bill Barlow is a producer best known for America's Funniest Home Videos (1989), America's Funniest Home Videos Uncensored (2000) and America's Funniest Families (1993).
  • Iliana Villalobos - Lawyer: RGV
  • Daniella Montalvo - Teacher: DALLAS ISD
  • Isaiah Taylor '13 - Plays basketball for the Atlanta Hawks (NBA).
  • Erica Dasher '04 - American actress.
  • Shaquille Cleare '14 - Played basketball for the University of Texas.

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