Average Private School ACT Scores by State

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  • The national average private school ACT score (out of 36 maximum) is approximately 25 (2020-21).
  • The private schools with the highest average ACT Scores in each state are listed below (where sufficient data available).

Average Private School ACT Scores by State (2020-21)

Average ACT Scores
Schools with Highest ACT Scores
Indian Springs School (30)
The Altamont School (29)
Bayshore Christian School (29)
Westminster School At Oak Mountain (29)
Bayside Academy (28)
View Top AL Schools
Providence Academy (27)
Harding Academy (26)
Little Rock Christian Academy (26)
Legacy Academy (26)
Life Way Christian School (26)
View Top AR Schools
Faith Christian Academy (30)
Rancho Solano Preparatory School - Middle and Upper School (28)
Phoenix Country Day School (28)
Brophy College Preparatory (27)
The Jones-Gordon School (27)
View Top AZ Schools
The Thacher School (33)
Crystal Springs (33)
The College Preparatory School (33)
New Covenant Academy (33)
The Quarry Lane School (32)
View Top CA Schools
Rocky Mountain Montessori Academy (33)
Kent Denver School (32)
Colorado Academy (30)
Front Range Christian School (28)
The Colorado Springs School (28)
View Top CO Schools
Hopkins School (32)
Hamden Hall Country Day School (30)
The Taft School (29)
Kingswood Oxford School (29)
St. Luke's School (29)
View Top CT Schools
Baldwin Prep School (32)
Asbury Christian School (32)
American Heritage School (32)
Victory Christian Satellite Schools, LLC (30)
American Academy Plantation (30)
View Top FL Schools
The Westminster Schools (31)
Fulton Science Academy Private School (31)
Holy Innocents' Episcopal School (31)
Marist School (30)
Cherokee Christian Schools (30)
View Top GA Schools
Iolani School (33)
Kauai Christian Academy (27)
Island School (26)
Parker School (26)
Kaimuki Christian School (26)
View Top HI Schools
Rivermont Collegiate (30)
Pella Christian High School (26)
Hillcrest Academy (25)
Marquette Catholic Schools Pk-12 (24)
Newman Catholic School (24)
View Top IA Schools
The North Fork School (32)
Riverstone International School (29)
Logos School (26)
Legacy Christian School (26)
Bishop Kelly High School (24)
View Top ID Schools
Universal School (35)
Naperville Christian Academy (31)
North Shore Country Day School (31)
Rockford Iqra' School (30)
British International School of Chicago-South Loop (29)
View Top IL Schools
Eman Schools (30)
Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School (28)
Canterbury School (27)
Park Tudor School (27)
Heritage Christian School (26)
View Top IN Schools
Wichita Collegiate School (27)
Classical School of Wichita (27)
Bishop Seabury Academy (26)
St. James Academy (25)
Saint Thomas Aquinas High School (25)
View Top KS Schools
Covington Latin School (30)
Highlands Latin School (30)
Louisville Collegiate School (30)
Forest Hill Military Academy (28)
Villa Madonna Academy (28)
View Top KY Schools
Episcopal School Of Acadiana (29)
Geneva Academy (28)
Westminster Christian Academy (28)
Providence Classical Academy (28)
Academy Of The Sacred Heart (27)
View Top LA Schools
The Rivers School (33)
Winsor School (32)
Covenant Christian Academy (32)
Middlesex School (32)
Milton Academy (31)
View Top MA Schools
Landon School (29)
Bullis School (29)
Charles E Smith Jewish Day School (29)
Key School (29)
The Tome School (28)
View Top MD Schools
New Life Christian Academy (33)
Novi Christian Academy (30)
Greenhills School (29)
Bloomfield Christian School (28)
Hillsdale Academy (28)
View Top MI Schools
Breck School (31)
The Blake School (30)
The Blake School/Upper School (30)
The Blake School (30)
Mounds Park Academy (29)
View Top MN Schools
Clinton Christian Academy (35)
John Burroughs School (33)
Thomas Jefferson School (31)
MICDS (Mary Institute and St. Louis Country Day School) (30)
The Pembroke Hill School (30)
View Top MO Schools
Clinton Christian Academy (28)
Jackson Academy (26)
St. Patrick Catholic High School (26)
Lamar School (26)
Resurrection Catholic School - High School Campus (25)
View Top MS Schools
Stillwater Christian School (26)
Great Falls Central Catholic High School (25)
Billings Central Catholic High School (24)
Billings Christian School (24)
Foothills Community Christian School (24)
View Top MT Schools
North Carolina26
New Hope Christian Academy Inc (33)
Gaston Christian School (32)
Durham Academy (32)
Greensboro Montessori School (30)
Asheville Christian Academy (30)
View Top NC Schools
Mount Michael Benedictine High School (28)
Brownell Talbot Schools (28)
Cornerstone Christian School (26)
Concordia Jr.-Sr. High School (25)
Nebraska Lutheran High School (24)
View Top NE Schools
New Hampshire26
The Derryfield School (29)
Kimball Union Academy (28)
Bishop Guertin High School (26)
Holderness School (25)
Trinity Christian School (25)
View Top NH Schools
New Jersey28
Primoris Academy (35)
Elite Preparatory Academy (35)
The King's Christian School (33)
Pioneer Academy (33)
The Lawrenceville School (33)
View Top NJ Schools
New Mexico24
Albuquerque Academy (31)
Santa Fe Prep School (28)
Desert Academy (27)
Menaul School (26)
Santa Fe Waldorf School (25)
View Top NM Schools
New York27
Blue Sky Pre-k Experience (36)
The Art of Words Community School (33)
Poly Prep Country Day School (32)
Friends Academy (32)
Rye Country Day School (32)
View Top NY Schools
Toledo Christian Schools (32)
Cincinnati Christian Schools (32)
Hawken School (30)
Hathaway Brown School (30)
The Seven Hills School (30)
View Top OH Schools
Revelation School Of Florida High School 5507 (34)
Casady School (28)
Southwest Covenant Schools (28)
Mingo Valley Christian (27)
Lawton Academy Of Arts & Sciences (27)
View Top OK Schools
Catlin Gabel School (32)
Oak Hill School (30)
The Delphian School (30)
Oregon Episcopal School (29)
Veritas School (29)
View Top OR Schools
Lighthouse Christian Academy (33)
The Agnes Irwin School (31)
Mercersburg Academy (30)
Germantown Friends School (30)
International Christian High School (30)
View Top PA Schools
South Carolina24
Hammond School (30)
Spartanburg Day School (29)
Greenville Classical Academy (28)
St Joseph's Catholic School (27)
Mead Hall Episcopal School (27)
View Top SC Schools
St. Mary's Episcopal School (32)
St. George's Independent School (31)
Paideia Academy (30)
Westminster Academy (30)
Memphis University School (30)
View Top TN Schools
EA Young Academy (35)
Austin Peace Academy (32)
The Awty International School (32)
Cistercian Preparatory School (31)
The John Cooper School (31)
View Top TX Schools
Rowland Hall (28)
Applied Scholastics Academy of Salt Lake City (28)
The Waterford School (28)
Kolob Canyon RTC (27)
American Heritage of South Jordan (26)
View Top UT Schools
Lynnhaven Academy (35)
Powhatan School (30)
Tandem Friends School (30)
Wakefield Country Day School (30)
Fairfax Christian School (30)
View Top VA Schools
The Oaks Classical Christian Academy (32)
Woodinville Montessori School - North Creek Campus (32)
Lakeside School (32)
The Overlake School (30)
Northwest Yeshiva High School (29)
View Top WA Schools
St Ambrose Academy (29)
Madison Country Day School (29)
Eastbrook Academy (29)
Brookfield Academy (28)
The Prairie School (27)
View Top WI Schools
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Did You Know?
The state with highest average private school ACT score is Massachusetts, with 29. The county with the highest average private school ACT score is King County, WA with 29.