Private School Faculty With Advanced Degrees

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  • The national average of private school faculty with advanced degrees is approximately 53% (2020).
  • The average of private school faculty with the advanced degrees in each state are listed below (where sufficient data available).

Private School Faculty With Advanced Degrees (2020)

Average % Faculty w/Adv. Degree
Schools with Highest % Faculty w/Advanced Degree
Anchorage Waldorf School (100%)
Lumen Christi High School (90%)
Spruce Tree Montessori School (75%)
Pacific Northern Academy (60%)
Wasilla Lake Christian School (50%)
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Montessori World School (100%)
Hope Academy Presbyterian Home (99%)
The American Academy For Young Professionals (99%)
Revelation Christian Academy (98%)
Success Unlimited Academy (95%)
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Jacksonville Christian Academy (100%)
First Baptist Christian School (90%)
Clear Spring School (90%)
The New School (86%)
Harding Academy (84%)
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Desert Valley Christian School (100%)
Southwestern Christian School (99%)
Word Of Life Christian Preschool (99%)
Desert Willow Educational Services (99%)
Blueprint Education (99%)
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Peninsula Adventist School (100%)
San Gabriel Academy (100%)
Excelsior School (100%)
Young World Preschool and Kindergarten (100%)
Women Helping All People Scholastic Academy (100%)
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September School (99%)
Grace Academy (99%)
Pueblo West Christian Academy (99%)
Vertical Skills Academy (95%)
St Mary's High School (93%)
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The Burlington Academy Of Learning (100%)
FlexSchool (99%)
St. Rose Of Lima School (99%)
IEA: Intensive Education Academy (99%)
The Stanwich School (99%)
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District of Columbia59%
Christian Family Montessori (100%)
The River School (95%)
Montessori School Of Chevy Chase (90%)
Kingsbury Day School (85%)
Gonzaga College High School (80%)
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Archmere Academy (82%)
The Independence School (80%)
St Edmond's Academy (75%)
Salesianum School (70%)
St Thomas More Academy (65%)
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Naples Adventist Christian School (100%)
Conservative Christian Academy (100%)
Darlene Coogan (100%)
Emmanuel Kindergarten & Daycare (100%)
Oviedo Montessori School (100%)
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Berry College Elementary & Middle School (100%)
Alice Blount Academy (100%)
Noble World Montessori School (100%)
Bright Futures Academy (99%)
Montessori Academy at Sharon Springs (99%)
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Hongwanji Mission School (99%)
Sacred Hearts Academy (95%)
Montessori School Of Maui (90%)
Hawaii Preparatory Academy (90%)
Our Savior Lutheran School (80%)
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Great River Christian School (90%)
St Augustin Catholic School (75%)
Pella Christian High School (75%)
AlRazi Academy (75%)
Northeast Iowa Montessori School (75%)
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Hilltop Sda School (100%)
Boise Valley Adventist School (99%)
Sandpoint Christian School (99%)
Holy Family Catholic School (90%)
Lam Christian Academy (90%)
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Montessori Language Academy (100%)
Howard Area Leadership Academy (100%)
Monticello Christian Academy (99%)
St Nicholas Of Tolentine School (99%)
Chicago City Day School (99%)
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Trinity Lutheran School (99%)
St Mark Catholic School (99%)
South Bend Junior Academy (99%)
North Star Montessori School (95%)
Abundant Life Christian Academy (90%)
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Community School #1 (100%)
Horizon Academy (90%)
Heritage Christian School (90%)
Bible Christian Academy (85%)
Bishop Seabury Academy (80%)
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Our Savior Lutheran School (100%)
Versailles Montessori School (100%)
St. Augustine School (99%)
Mary Queen Of Heaven School (99%)
St Julian School (99%)
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University Academy Of Cenla (90%)
First Baptist Christian School (90%)
Memorial Baptist School (80%)
Mt. Olive Christian School (80%)
Jewish Community Day School (80%)
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Hill Crest Academy (100%)
The Phoenix School (100%)
The Islamic Academy For Peace (100%)
French for Kids (99%)
Eastern Point Day School (99%)
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Urbana Montessori Academy (100%)
The Journey School (99%)
Casa de Montessori (99%)
The Benedictine School (98%)
German International School Washington Dc (98%)
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Opportunity Training Center (100%)
Future Builders School (100%)
Midcoast STEAM Microschool (99%)
Bangor Montessori School (99%)
Seacoast Waldorf School (95%)
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Battle Creek Christian School (100%)
St Mary's School (100%)
Bishop Foley Catholic High School (100%)
St Mary's Assumption School (99%)
Spiritus Sanctus Academy (99%)
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Discovery Montessori School (100%)
Holy Trinity School (100%)
Academy of Whole Learning (100%)
Glory Academy (99%)
Grace Christian Preschool (99%)
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First Baptist Christian Academy (100%)
Marian Middle School (100%)
Chesterfield Montessori School (100%)
Prescott SDA School (99%)
College Park Christian Academy (99%)
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Grace Baptist Academy (80%)
Desoto County Academy (80%)
Restoration Ministries Christian Academy (80%)
Gateway Christian Academy (75%)
Bayou Academy (70%)
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Cottonwood Day School (100%)
Missoula Int'l School (85%)
Headwaters Academy (82%)
Bozeman Field School (75%)
Great Falls Central Catholic High School (60%)
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North Carolina46%
Anami Montessori School (100%)
The Outdoor Academy (99%)
Jordan Lake School of the Arts (99%)
Blue Ridge Montessori School (99%)
Adventist Christian Academy of Raleigh (99%)
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PRAIRIE HILL Learning Center (90%)
St John Lutheran School (80%)
Messiah Lutheran School (75%)
Gross Catholic High School (74%)
St Wenceslaus School (71%)
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New Hampshire53%
Parker Academy (99%)
Bethlehem Christian School (99%)
My School, LLC (95%)
Hampstead Academy (90%)
Sant Bani School (88%)
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New Jersey52%
Villa Walsh Academy (100%)
New School Of Monmouth County (100%)
Stevens Cooperative School (100%)
Center For Education (100%)
Montessori Seeds of Education (99%)
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New Mexico61%
Cross Of Hope Elementary School (99%)
Acton Academy Mesilla Valley (99%)
Pando Little School (99%)
Santa Fe Waldorf School (98%)
New Mexico Military Institute (95%)
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Nevada Sage Waldorf School (99%)
Desert Torah Academy Ohel Menachem (99%)
American Heritage Academy (90%)
St. Gabriel Catholic School (90%)
Lake Mead Christian Academy (86%)
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New York73%
St. James School (100%)
Genesee Country Christian School (100%)
Maryhaven Center Of Hope (100%)
Oakwood Christian School (100%)
East Academy Of Science & Technology (100%)
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Cincinnati Waldorf School (100%)
Mini University-Wright State University (99%)
Springs East School (99%)
St. Mary Elementary School (99%)
St Mary of the Assumption Catholic School (99%)
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SNU Lab School (100%)
OKC Heartland Montessori School (99%)
Goodland Academy (95%)
Children's House Of Norman (95%)
Lawton Academy Of Arts & Sciences (80%)
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The Childrens Hour Academy (100%)
Greater Portland Christian Academy (100%)
Shining Star Waldorf School (100%)
Corvallis Montessori School (100%)
Montessori Sundborn Childrens House (100%)
View Top OR Schools
Lancaster Cooperative Preschool (100%)
Mount Moriah Christian School (100%)
The Mill Creek School (100%)
Winston Hall (99%)
Christ Academy (99%)
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Rhode Island54%
Henry Barnard School At Ri College (100%)
St. Leo The Great Elementary School (90%)
Quest Montessori School (85%)
Portsmouth Abbey School (80%)
St Cecilia School (80%)
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South Carolina49%
Union Christian Day School (100%)
Holy Trinity Catholic School (99%)
Renaissance Preparatory Academy (99%)
Daniel's (98%)
Ashley Hall School (95%)
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South Dakota28%
Rapid City Christian School (50%)
O'Gorman Junior High School (40%)
Volga Christian School (40%)
Sioux Falls Christian Schools (40%)
Sunshine Bible Academy (35%)
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The Goddard School (99%)
Templeton Academy - Nashville (92%)
Music City Montessori (90%)
Pope John Paul II High School (90%)
Pleasant View School (90%)
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Holy Cross Lutheran School (100%)
Sunshine Cottage School For Deaf Children (100%)
Columbia Christian School (100%)
Montessori at Bowser (100%)
Our Redeemer Lutheran School (100%)
View Top TX Schools
Canyon School for the Arts (100%)
J E Cosgriff Memorial Catholic School (100%)
Realms Of Inquiry (99%)
Hilltop Christian School (80%)
Summit Christian Academy (80%)
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First Apostolic Christian (100%)
Staunton Montessori School (100%)
Providence Montessori Christian School (99%)
Mina's School of Great Falls (99%)
Westhampton Day School (98%)
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International Children's School Inc. (100%)
Burke Mountain Academy (99%)
Vermont Commons School (82%)
Maple Street School (81%)
Stratton Mountain School (80%)
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French American School Of Puget Sound (100%)
Snoqualmie Springs School (100%)
Sunrise Beach School (100%)
Oasis School (100%)
Medina Academy (99%)
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St. Mary Parish School (99%)
St John's Lutheran School (99%)
St Paul Lutheran School (99%)
Madison Community Montessori School (99%)
Tomah Baptist Academy (90%)
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West Virginia44%
Our Lady Of Fatima Parish School (99%)
The Country Day School (98%)
Greenbrier Episcopal School (80%)
St. Michael Parish School (75%)
Highland Adventist School (67%)
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Jackson Hole Christian Academy (99%)
Jackson Hole Community School (80%)
St. Anthony Tri-Parish Catholic School (80%)
Mountain Academy of Teton Science Schools (46%)
Green River Christian Academy (25%)
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Did You Know?
The state with highest average percentage of private school faculty with advanced degrees is New York, with 73%. The county with the highest average of private school faculty with advanced degrees is Campbell County, KY with 86%.